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Photographic Safaris in Kenya and western Australia

Safaris in the wildest regions in Masai Mara

Every year, between August and September, the most famous reserve in Kenya, hosts what is considered the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth, the “big migration” of herbivorous animals. Over a million wildebeest leave the greatest plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania and push further north toward the Masai Mara.
They all mass along the banks of the swollen Mara River, in desperate need of water to drink and grass to graze producing one of the world's truly most spectacular sights. Hundreds of animals can die during the crossing, devoured and dispatched by the numerous, hungry, and eagerly waiting crocodiles.
We offer you a photographic journey across the breathtaking landscapes of the Masai Mara.
We will travel with land rovers well equipped for photo safaris. You will stay in comfortable tented camps or lodges, situated in remarkable areas.

The marvellous colours of Tsavo and Amboseli dust storms

Volcanic cones, red coloured rocky outcrops and lava flows cover the Tsavo West and East National Parks offering spectacular views to the visitor. But in the Tsavo ecosystem, it’s the wonderful brick-red coloured elephant, taking its colour from the red earth, which is the most famous attraction of this wildlife area, an area that is regarded as one of the world's leading strongholds of bio-diversity.
Exploring the different geological eras of Tsavo East and West, we offer you a trip to the heart
of our planet. Next we move on to Amboseli Park which has, as its backdrop, unforgettable views of the snowcapped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro! The centre area of Amboseli National Park is basically a dried up lake and the swamps and the springs fed by the melted snow, from underground rivers originating on Kilimanjaro, give the animals permanent sources of water even during the periods of drought.
Our tour ends on the banks of Galena river in Tsavo East, with its spectacular volcanic rock formations.
We will travel in land rovers well equipped for photo safaris. You will stay in comfortable tented camps or lodges situated in remarkable areas.

Photo adventure in natural environment of western Australia

The Frog company will guide you on an exciting photo tour in western Australia. We start from Perth, the capital city of western Australia and we visit Rottnest island a well-maintained wildlife reserve. Next we continue our tour on the coast to Kalbarri National Park, which provides visitors with an array of things to see, and we make our way to Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Reef famous for their stunning scenery. From there we drive to Newmann, a model mining town, which is located about 1186 km north of Perth and 9 km north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and which can be reached by the Great Northern Highway. This attractive centre, with suburban style homes, in the heart of Hamersley Range, provides a stark contrast to the surrounding reddish, primordial desert area. We end our tour with a visit to Collier Range National Park.
We will travel in land rovers well equipped for photo safaris. You will stay in comfortable, small hotels or in tented camps.

For more information about our safaris, please contact us.

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